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Inpro/Seal Marketplace is your online storefront for an easy and fast order process. Whether you're a new or existing customer, Inpro/Seal Marketplace lets you search products, get pricing, place orders and retrieve order status in a simple to use platform. Shop now or register to get started today.

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Marketplace FAQs

Q: Can I search and place orders on Inpro/Seal Marketplace with my tablet or phone?
A: Yes! Inpro/Seal Marketplace has the same capabilities on your tablet or phone as it does on your computer.

Q: Is there an Inpro/Seal Marketplace app?
A: No, but you can save Inpro/Seal Marketplace to your home screen for easy and quick reference.

Add Inpro/Seal Marketplace to Mobile Home Screen - screenshot #1
Add Inpro/Seal Marketplace to Mobile Home Screen - screenshot #2
Add Inpro/Seal Marketplace to Mobile Home Screen - screenshot #3

Q: If my company has an active account with Inpro/Seal, what is the best method to register?
A: Send an email to and include your name, company name and bill-to address. We will create your Inpro/Seal Marketplace account and send you details.

Q: What process do I need to complete for PO and invoice payment options?
A: Complete the financial customer set up form and email it to

Q: How do I add a new ship to address?
A: You must call or email Inpro/Seal to add a new ship-to address. Please call 309-787-6114 or email

Q: What happens if I have an item number but it is not recognized on Inpro/Seal Marketplace?
A: It could be a good item number that is not yet available to purchase on Inpro/Seal Marketplace. Enter the info into this workflow and submit to have the item reviewed and added.

Inpro/Seal Marketplace add an item number (workflow)

Q: Am I able to search by my identifying number?
A: Not at this time. We are working on an enhancement to allow this capability.

Q: Why are certain shipping options disabled when I choose “ship today” during checkout?
A: We require that you choose an expedite shipping method for orders that must ship today.

Q: Why does my order lead time state “TBD planning item”? When can I expect it to ship?
A: This item has materials and/or a complex manufacturing process that requires our planning department to validate the ship date. After planning is complete, you will receive an order acknowledgement email with the estimated ship date. This date will also show in the order history.

Q: How do I cancel or modify an Inpro/Seal Marketplace order?

A: Cancelling or modifying an existing order requires calling our inside sales team. Please call 309-787-6114.